Popularity of Videoing Hunts Continues to Rise

Videoing hunts continues to grow in popularity thanks to better technology, more outlets and interest from hunters.

With the rise in outdoor television programming; technological advancements that make videoing events easier and easy access to online outlets such as YouTube, videoing hunts continues to grow in popularity among everyday hunters.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted through Southwick Associates’ HunterSurvey.com, there has been a 68 percent increase over the last five years of those hunters who video some or all of their hunts.

Of those hunters who video their hunts:
— 31 percent said they have been doing so for five or more years,
— 21 percent have done so for three to four years,
— 26 percent have done so for just one to two years
— 21 percent just began videoing their hunts during the last year.

How avid are these new-age, high-tech hunters?

Thirty percent report videoing their hunts always or frequently, while 31 percent video their hunts about half the time. Thirty-nine percent only do it occasionally.

The technology is also encouraging growth thanks to the quality of cameras on smartphones and the popularity of small action cams like GoPro.

Despite these trends, a dedicated video camera/camcorder is still the device of choice as 39 percent of those hunters who report videoing their hunts use them. But those other devices remain popular as well. Thirty-one percent use their smartphone, 23 percent use a helmet or mounted video camera and seven percent use a still camera with video capability. 

“As technology has become easier to use and easier to access, an increasing number of hunters are bringing a whole new enjoyable aspect to this very traditional pastime. Like photos, video is a great way to capture these important memories in our lives,” says Cody Larrimore, Research Analyst at Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at HunterSurvey.com, ShooterSurvey.com and AnglerSurvey.com

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