Python vs. Deer?

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

What happens when a Florida python comes across a 76-pound deer? It swallows it whole, according to this article from

An adult deer was found intact inside a huge Burmese python Thursday, after the snake was captured and killed in the Everglades.

Contractors for the South Florida Water Management District encountered the python on a tree island in western Miami-Dade County, according to the district. It was killed with a shotgun blast.

The find set the record for "big things found inside of pythons" for Florida. I didn’t know such things were recorded. It’s with good reason, though. Burmese pythons are not native to Florida and will eat almost anything with a heartbeat.

The article did not include photos, unfortunately, so this scene is left to the imagination. I did find this image of one tangling with an American alligator. Looks like a critter I would not want to encounter.

Gator vs. python