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QDMA, Hunting Celeb Sparring Over Deer Farms

whitetail deer huntingFollowing a recent plea from QDMA that hunters help push legislation limiting deer breeding facilities, nationally known television host Keith Warren has taken to the Internet to call out the group’s stance.

QDMA’s release included this strong position statement from Kip Adams, the group’s Director of Education & Outreach (and a certified wildlife biologist):

“There are no benefits for deer hunters in the growth of the captive deer-breeding industry — only risks. It is QDMA’s mission to protect the future of white-tailed deer and our hunting heritage, and we oppose anything that puts those at risk.”

Read the full release here.

whitetail deer huntingWarren immediately fired back on his website, Twitter and across national media platforms, comparing QDMA to the anti-hunting group HSUS.

“it’s clear from the recent statement from QDMA that this could be just as radical of an agenda as the folks with HSUS.” Warren wrote.

Later in the release (view it here), Warren states: “In my opinion the claim from QDMA that deer farming poses a threat to the future of hunting couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Deer & Deer Hunting readers: What do you think about the debate?




2 thoughts on “QDMA, Hunting Celeb Sparring Over Deer Farms

  1. adkhunter71

    Poor Keith Warren. He’s worried that he will no longer be able to pay for and harvest big bucks on camera for his TV show. He, in turn, will potentially lose sponsorship and the money from sponsorship which allows him the opportunity to hunt these places and film his TV show in the first place. His show is not for the average hunter, just like the high fence facilities that he likes to hunt aren’t.
    Now that I think about it, most shows on TV now aren’t for the average hunter. If poor Keith looses his beloved high fence opportunities, he’ll have to slum it and turn to outfitters who have access to thousands of acres and “hunt” wild deer…

  2. pgchambers

    I am sure someone like Keith Warren, who has the means to hunt such facilities, sees no threat. I disagree with him, though. Hunting has become an industry instead of a sport, and it is slowly outpricing a lot of people. The thing is, I too have the means to pay for a hunt, but it doesn’t stop me from seeing the threat posed to the average hunter. I don’t like that hunting is becoming like golf, where the country club set is seperated from the public course set.

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