Rage Introduces Blade-Retention Collar

Rage Broadheads has introduced a new blade-retention accessory for its mechanical broadhead to help prevent premature deployment during accidental contact with branches, twigs or weeds.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the O-ring on the original Rage 100-grain Broadheads, the new Legacy Shock Collars simply slip onto the back of the ferrule and over the O-ring for an additional level of blade-retention security. These Legacy Shock Collars are specifically intended for hunters who stalk their prey or tend to move around a lot in the stand with a nocked arrow.

“Rage Broadheads work exceptionally well as they were originally designed, but we’ve received a fair amount of feedback—primarily from hunters who spot and stalk—saying that they have snagged their broadheads on some form of flora or fauna, which caused their Rage Broadhead to deploy prematurely,” said Jon Syverson, Vice President of Rage Broadheads.

“We designed the Legacy Shock Collar explicitly for those hunters who need an added level of security and confidence before the shot. These Legacy Shock Collars provide significantly more holding power, while requiring very little energy to break the petals upon contact with your game.”

The collars are based on the proven blade-retention design of the newly introduced Rage Xtreme Broadheads. The collars are designed with breakaway petals that, in conjunction with the O-ring, securely hold the blades down until the moment of impact with the target.

The new Rage Legacy Shock Collars will work with any 2- or 3-blade 100-grain Rage Broadhead that has the original O-ring design. The Legacy Shock Collars come in a pack of 15 and retail for $7.99.