Readers Recoil: Father’s Buck Photo Surprises His Daughter

How cool is this photo? We get a lot of feedback from our readers and this super photo, which has a cool story, is one of our favorites.

If you’re a longtime hunter or study history, the mix of a canoe and muzzleloader harkens to a time when hunters used these regularly for big game outings. It’s just a cool photo and story we thought we’d pass along to you. Enjoy!

I had to write in to share this amazing shot my dad took this morning — I mean this both in the sense of the picture and in the kill shot.

It’s always been a dream of my dad’s to get to take a deer out by canoe the way this photo depicts. He’s an avid hunter and has faithfully hunted the woods of Lempster, New Hampshire, his entire life. He shot this 7-point, 183-pound buck with the muzzleloader my mom got him for Christmas this past year.

But I’ve got to tell you, I was surprised when I received the picture via text message this morning. Not because I was surprised he got the deer, but that he had his cell phone with him and took this amazing picture (he’s an old fashioned guy and his cell phone rarely leaves the house).

I hope you will consider featuring my dad’s shot in Deer & Deer Hunting.
— Brittney Murray, via email