Record Buck Rejected, Charges Pending

Monster Bucks - whitetail huntingTopeka, KS – The controversy surrounding the potential state record deer and its entry into the Monster Buck Contest has officially come to an end on the heels of the KDWPT’s announcement of the filing of criminal charges against the person who killed the animal.

Brian D. Smith the founder and President of the Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas event that recently held its inaugural event in Topeka announced today that the potential state record typical deer that was entered in the Monster Buck Contest as the King of Kansas Typical has been disqualified from the contest and a new King of Kansas Typical has been named.
Record Buck - whitetail hunting
“KDWPT has in fact charged David Kent with 8 crimes in connection with the illegal harvest of the 198 7/8 inch potential state record deer that he brought and entered in the contest,” Smith said. “Due to the criminal charges being filed, we are disqualifying Mr. Kent from the Monster Buck Contest and officially naming Rachelle Karl and her 182 1/8 inch net whitetail as the new King of Kansas Typical.

“It’s a real shame this world class animal was taken illegally. It saddens us as an organization. As an event that promotes and supports the great sport of Kansas deer hunting and its conservation we do not condone this kind of illegal activity. We are proud to have been a big part of bringing this crime to light. I would like to commend the KDWPT for their swift movement in this case and the cordial way they handled the situation at our event. Hats off to the officers involved and their investigative work.”

4 thoughts on “Record Buck Rejected, Charges Pending

  1. thebowhunter

    maybe the camera didnt have the right dates on it,how do they know for sure it was poached,i hope they had more proof then some body elses trail cam,seen alot of pictures from them from different people that never had the dates set right

  2. irishjim

    Did a little research, turns out the land owner had trails cam pictures of the deer alive after the season ended. The deer was found later shot with the head cut off.

    Turns out David V. Kent shot the deer from a truck using a spotlight, It seems he was involved in illegal activities before. Several years ago he was in a truck from which his brother attempted to poach a spotlighted deer and instead killed a young boy.

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