Reports: 2011 Price County, Wisconsin, Deer Season Looks Great

Price County, Wisconsin, continues to attract hunters from around the state and country. The Price County Tourism Department even offers a FREE Sportsman’s map featuring hunter walking trails and color coded land management area.

Here’s a look at why so many make the trip each year:

Wisconsin DNR 2011 Fall Hunting Forecast

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Hunting opportunities abound in Price County. The county holds some of the best public hunting lands in the state with approximately 150,000 acres of Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, 30,000 acres of State owned property and 90,000 acres of Price County Forest .You’ll find white-tailed deer, black bear, wild turkey and small game and bird species.

The fall sporting seasons and deer hunting, in particular, are a truly special time of year. It’s one that embraces traditions and heritage, renews the ties of family and friendship, and is the stuff of stories that become legends after being told over and over, year after year. 2011 promises to be a good year for most game animals.

Waterfowl, grouse, bear, and deer populations all look strong and you can read more about that in this edition of the Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast. There is much to be excited about. Deer herd numbers are on the rebound in the north and traditional season structures are in place in most of the state.

The Wisconsin 2011 deer seasons promise hunters many opportunities to participate in a time honored tradition in one of the nation’s most desirable hunting locations. Whether you’re looking to spend time with friends and family, add healthy meat to your freezer, or try for a wall-hanger, Wisconsin offers exceptional opportunity to do all three.

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District Wildlife Supervisor for Northern Wisconsin Mike Zeckmeister Deer Season Forecast

A promising deer season is in store for Northern Wisconsin. We have experienced two generally mild winters back-to-back. In addition, the two corresponding springs have been favorable for fawn production. All indications are that the deer herd is on the rebound in areas where they were fewer in the past. Although populations are growing, local conditions still determine what you will see from your hunting spot. Deer are not evenly distributed across the landscape.

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Located in northern Wisconsin, Price County offers managed habitats on public land. This unique approach is sure to maximize your hunting experience.

In 2010, we saw a substantial increase in buck harvest throughout most of northern Wisconsin, confirming that in 2009 the harvest was suppressed due to poor hunting conditions during the 2009 nine-day gun season not because there were ‘no deer’. Bucks and does surviving the 2009 hunt ‘carried over’ into the 2010 season. This carry-over effect will likely be evident in the upcoming 2011 season as well, resulting in more, older aged bucks on the landscape and available for harvest.

The 2011 deer season structure reflects the rebounding deer herd, especially in northern Wisconsin. We have fewer zero quota units, more Herd Control units, and an increase in the number of available bonus antlerless tags. A rebounding deer herd, however, has its pluses and minuses. The northern forest ecosystem can only handle so many deer without hurting habitat and the ability of the land to sustain deer populations. Hunters play a vital role in keeping the deer populations in check.

This will be more challenging this year, especially in our Herd Control units following suspension of the four-day October antlerless hunt in 2011. Enjoy the Northwoods deer hunting experience. This holds true for the traditional northern Wisconsin hunter or those who have never hunted in the great Northwoods. There can be many measures of success in addition to bagging a deer or seeing lots of deer. You can maximize your enjoyment by spending time pre-season scouting and really trying to figure out deer movements. Deer change their habits, sometimes on an annual basis, based on habitat.

For example, the area that you have hunted for years may be on the downward spiral as good deer habitat. If this is the case, you may want to consider a change and redirect your efforts to areas offering better deer habitat. Deer hunting is hard work, especially in northern Wisconsin. The more time to put into scouting, ‘planning your hunt and
hunting your plan’, the more you will enjoy your overall hunting experience. The top priority is always a safe hunt. Following the four basic rules of firearm safety is a must. In addition, make sure that all of your equipment is in top working condition. Enjoy all aspects of your deer hunting experience.

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