Doing the Right Thing: Sheriffs Work Together to Take Lad Deer Hunting

Alex Collins and Sheriff Alex Underwood

Alex Collins and Sheriff Alex Underwood

When it comes down to it, doing the right thing and helping others is probably the best thing anyone can do for someone.

Isn’t that what our parents taught us, to do the right thing and help others?

So when 9-year-old Alex Collins jumped at the Facebook invitation to go deer hunting with the sheriff from Chester County, he moved faster than a buck scampering from a noisy hunter. The lad wrote a letter about how he had no one to help him learn to hunt or to take him, and how his mother was too sick to lend any assistance.

Then he took it to the Chester County Sheriff’s Department and dropped it off. Thing is, Collins lives in Pennsylvania — Chester County, Pa. — and the invitation on the Facebook page was from Chester County, South Carolina.

Hmmm … several hundred yards, multiple states, a 9-year-old kid eager to go hunting but not knowing about travel, states, regulations and such.

Some folks would have brushed it off, tossed the letter and let the kid “learn a hard lesson.” Those folks would be creeps.

Instead, the sheriff of Chester County, Carolyn B. Welsh, figured out where Collins saw the invitation and then contacted Chester County (S.C.) Sheriff Alex Underwood. They had met at a conference last year. Now, they were discussing how to make this trip happen and put a little joy in the kid’s heart.

“I said, if you can get him here, we’ll take him hunting,” Underwood said.

Money was secured, plans were made, a plane ticket for Collins obtained and then the 9-year-old was flying to South Carolina for his big hunting trip. Sheriff Underwood met him at the airport with several squad cars and they zoomed off to Academy Sports+Outdoors in Rock Hill, S.C., to gear up with camouflage and other accessories.

They hunted and fished for a couple of days, despite not seeing any deer.

“It’s just nice that we can get out here and show him a good time,” Underwood said. “It brings tears to your eyes.”

Mega-kudos to Sheriff Welsh, Sheriff Underwood and others for getting this very good deed done. Y’all made an impact on a young boy who never will forget the kindness and generosity.

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