Robinson Outdoors Responds to Jury’s Verdict in Court Case

ScentLok Technologies won a jury verdict in federal court against Robinson Outdoor Products for its advertising of ScentBlocker Trinity scent control products. ScentLok asserted that Robinson made false advertising claims through a national campaign.

Robinson Outdoor products has responded. Here is the press release:

To our Friends, Customers, ProStaff, Retail Partners and Fellow Hunters:

As many of you may have heard, last week a Michigan Federal District court case concluded with a verdict of false advertising by Robinson Outdoor Products for the company’s introductory advertising of ScentBlocker Trinity scent control technology.

The case raised a fundamental question from the very beginning. After 35 years of business and 15 years of manufacturing and marketing ScentBlocker activated carbon scent control apparel and dominating the category, why would we sacrifice what made us successful by introducing ScentBlocker Trinity technology with false claims that would jeopardize all that we had worked so tirelessly to build? We communicated scientific and verifiable facts as we knew them to be. We were fully aware that other hunting apparel companies would scrutinize every word. What purpose would unsubstantiated claims have served?

The answer is: none, we wouldn’t have. For us to knowingly make false claims would have hurt our ScentBlocker brand, our customers, our employees and their families, our investors, and our retail partners far more than they would have hurt any competitor.

As the court requires of any jury in order to reach a verdict, this jury had to listen to, digest, and try to understand hundreds of pages of scientific data, as well as long hours of tedious testimony from company leaders and expert witnesses on both sides over a period of two weeks. It would have been a daunting challenge for a jury made up of experts. We respect the challenge this jury had before them, however, we firmly disagree with the outcome. And, while the jury’s verdict is in, please realize this case is not over.

Going forward, Robinson Outdoor Products and ScentBlocker will continue to innovate products for our thousands of loyal customers who count on our apparel, liquid scent control products, and attractants to fuel their love of the outdoors, and improve their comfort and success in the field.


Scott Shultz
Robinson Outdoor Products