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Romney Tabs Diehard Deer Hunter Paul Ryan for VP Mate

Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan is a diehard whitetail hunter. His was named as Mitt Romney’s running mate for the presidential election this fall.


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tabbed a diehard whitetail hunter — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin — for his vice president running mate last Saturday morning.

Deer & Deer Hunting conducted an exclusive interview with Ryan earlier this summer. Ryan said he was eager to take on the challenge of Romney’s invitation if given the opportunity.

Deer & Deer Hunting Talks Hunting With Paul Ryan: Click Here 

Ryan, 42, is a seven-term congressman from Wisconsin and has been a lightning rod for fiscal matters in Congress while serving as chairman of the House budget committee and as a member of the House Ways and Means committee. During the announcement Saturday at the battleship USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va., Romney called Ryan “an intellectual leader of the Republican Party” and that Ryan’s “integrity is unquestioned and his word is good.”

Ryan is the spotlight of the October issue’s “I’m a Deer Hunter” column in D&DH, which will hit newsstands shortly. We will post the entire Paul Ryan interview here on deeranddeerhunting.com soon, which includes Ryan discussing his hobbies, sports, the environment and his childhood along with photos of Ryan enjoying his all-time favorite hobby: deer hunting!

Here is a sneak peek at the October issue of D&DH. It hits newsstands on Sept. 4.

Paul Ryan is a deer hunter!

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Click HERE to read even more about Ryan the outdoorsman and what his values mean to the political landscape. Also, see some of the exclusive quotes he shared on what hunting means to him and his family.

3 thoughts on “Romney Tabs Diehard Deer Hunter Paul Ryan for VP Mate

  1. caiobella

    Thanks for this article. It made me see who Ryan really is and what his values are. He has lost my vote.

  2. Erik Jensen

    I think sportsmen ought to take a serious look at how Ryan wold affect THEM and their hunting opportunities. Ryan is what I would call an anti-hunting hunter. I’m sure any of us would feel more culturally comfortable around him than Romney (a fake outdoorsman) or Obama (someone who admits he’s not an outdoorsman).

    But, Ryan favors policies that will lead to diminished hunting opportunity for regular people without the means to afford private spreads or leases. He wants to privatize public land, he calls for slashing the USFWS budget massively, he opposes funding land conservation programs in the farm bills. His comment “balancing his fiscal responsibilities with being a hunter” is simply a way of attempting to justify his disloyalty to the hunting and fishing lobby so he can fund those tax breaks for the wealthy.

    Ryan’s real hunting politics are: “hunting for me, but not for thee” (thee being regular Americans with average incomes). Funny how hard-right sportsmen like Ryan hate making America more like Europe when it comes to everything else, like national health insurance and such. But he’s all for making America more like Europe when it comes to hunting. With the notable exceptions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, in Europe, hunting is an elite activity that no regular people can participate in. In fact, in the U.K., being a hunter is actually a form of showing social status and connections for the rich.

    I understand sportsmen have a lot of issues they consider when they vote, but unless you’re rich, you’re better off sticking with Obama as a hunter. He’s got an excellent Interior Secretary who is very supportive of public lands and hunting and fishing. Obama isn’t “one of us”, but he supports us and welcomes what we bring to the table.

    1. waterfowler50

      I must say that Eric’s post is the perfect example of what is wrong with our entitlement society. What is so hard to understand about the fact that this country is broke? Every constituency wants “theirs” and no one is willing to sacrifice. Rational people can disagree, but folks who are willing to think for themselves and not just regurgitate political talking points have to see that things can not continue as they are. Eric, would you propose that we print some money to prevent the “massive” cuts you say will happen? Might have to, because I’m not sure the bank of China is going to keep on lending to us much longer. Do you think Obama is going to preserve your rights to hunt? Really? You might want to layoff the ideology and think about your country first and your hunting second. Now I’ve got to sign off and apply to Department of the Interior for my 2012 Arkansas Duck Hunting grant–I hear they got some free money to be “spread around”.

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