Seasonal Deer Hunter Patterns

By Chris Berens, D&DH Intern
Hunting Preparations
It’s now almost the middle of August and deer hunters around North America are preparing for the fall seasons that are opening in the next couple of months. This can mean anything from practicing with their weapon of choice, scouting and setting up stand sites, reading up on the latest gear and tactics to searching the Internet for anything related to deer hunting. Today’s blog post on Huntography shows an intriguing relationship between the time of the year and the number of searches for "deer hunting" on Google.

According to the Google Trends’ graph, we deer hunters are most interested in all things deer around the same time that deer are most active too, in early to mid-November. The peak of the rut is also the peak of "deer hunting" searches on Google and the peak of most hunters’ enthusiasm for chasing whitetails. The graph also illustrates the typical low valley of interest in late spring and early summer, something we can all relate to when family, work and other summer obligations take priority over the long-distant autumn pursuit we love.

Sure enough, as the graph shows, the excitement then begins to build in August as the hunting seasons are once again around the corner. Perhaps a nice buck was spotted loafing in a field near home, or the bowstring was stretched a few times in the backyard, or whatever the case may be, there is no doubt now that hunting is on the brain and on the web. 

The Google graph is interesting, but it only shows the trends of hunter clicks. Before we know it the season will have peaked and we will all be waiting until the next fall, so make this season a great one. For the real scoop on the best times to be in the whitetail woods take a look at Deer & Deer Hunting’s 2012 Whitetail Calendar. This calendar includes rut phase predictions based on years of research and hunter observations to help maximize your hunting days. Fantastic whitetail photographs and insights fill the pages to complete a great package for any white-tailed deer hunter.

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  1. Rudy from Huntography

    Hi Chris!

    As a magazine subscriber, I’m a huge fan of Deer & Deer Hunting. Thanks so much for the mention and follow up on my blog post. Although not as in depth as some of the analysis you guys do, the correlation intrigued me nonetheless.

    Can’t wait to study your 2012 Rut calendar.



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