September 2008 Issue

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About us
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Here’s a few highlights from the September 2008 issue:

  • Dr. Phillip Bishop explains how a new study shows why deer can see us better than we can see them. 
  • Can you stockpile bucks? Contributing whitetail expert Charles Alsheimer says no — and explains the reasons why.
  •  In Ponds For Deer, author Les Davenport tells how to transform good deer property into great deer property.
  • Bob Zaiglin writes in Young Studs about a new study that confirms what many loyal D&DH Stump Sitters have reported for years: A doe’s selection of a mate is highly unpredictable.
  • And rocker Ted Nugent says that on his long list of wants, needs and cravings, this old guitar player has not highlighted the word antlers.
  • Plus much, much more!

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