Sharpshooters Begin Culling Overpopulated Deer in Rock Creek Park Despite Animal Lovers’ Wailings

Sharpshooters will be used to cull overpopulated whitetail deer from the popular Rock Creek Park near Washington, D.C.

doeThe National Park Service oversees the park, which is bordered by suburbia, highways and Rock Creek. It’s a big, popular park with residents in the D.C. area but also is home to whitetail deer, which are basically unbothered and have overpopulated the park. They’re getting whacked by cars, showing up in yards, affecting the park’s plants, and it’s a health situation to the animals, too.

According to the park service, Rock Creek Park has more than 70 deer per square mile. It wants to reduce that to about 20 per square mile. Sharpshooters will work at night to cull some of the deer from the population.

The plan in Rock Creek park has been widely reported over the last few months due to a lawsuit from an animal “rights” organization. The group wanted the culling halted. A judge ruled for the park service, which is charged with appropriately managing the parks, wildlife and other aspects of its numerous holdings throughout the country.

In a separate, nearby park operated by a county, sharpshooters began culling deer two months ago.

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