Sheehan Named Utah DWR Director

Greg Sheehan has been named as the new director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Department of Natural Resources announced the appointment. Sheehan, a department employee with 20 years’ experience, has been the DWR’s Administrative Services chief since 2002. He has served in key advisory and administrative roles for some of the agency’s most notable successes:

• Enhancing more than 1 million acres of important wildlife habitat through the Watershed Restoration Initiative.

• Boosting fish hatchery production to more than 1.1 million pounds per year by rebuilding and improving hatcheries.

• Expanding access for Utah’s sportsmen and women through new community fisheries, the Walk-in Access program and an access agreement with Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).

A new perspective

Sheehan has served as a leader within the DWR for the past decade. He was selected after a nationwide search and an extensive interview process.

“Greg brings a business background to the position,” says Mike Styler, executive director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources. “But he’s much more than an MBA. I’ve been in the field with him, and he’s truly committed to a bright future for Utah’s wildlife. Greg will bring a new and different perspective to the division.”

Sheehan is looking forward to working with the public. He appreciates that Utahns interact with wildlife in a variety of ways, and he’s open to new ideas.

“I grew up in Utah and enjoy hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing and photography,” Sheehan says. “I understand that the public values wildlife for many different reasons. I am committed to working with our dedicated employees and conservation partners to create more wildlife opportunity in Utah.”

Changing of the guard

Sheehan will replace Jim Karpowitz, who is retiring Dec. 1. Karpowitz has led the DWR since 2005.

“I have truly valued Greg’s opinions and insights on issues we’ve faced through the years,” Karpowitz says. “He has a really good plan to move the division into new areas and directions. It feels good to be able to hand the reins to a very competent person.”

As the DWR’s Administrative Services chief, Sheehan has managed a staff of 55, overseen a $72 million annual budget, directed all of the DWR’s license sales and worked on behalf of the division with the state legislature and the governor’s office.

Sheehan is a resident of Layton. He is married and has two children.