Slug Through the House Leads to Arrest

A hunter has been arrested and cited for multiple charges after he shot at a deer with his 12-gauge shotgun and missed, with the slug going into an occupied house and lodging in the wall.

Michael Crooker

Michael Crooker

The slug fired from his gun went over the head of Raymond Gladu, who was in the living room of his New Hampshire home with his wife, Sandra, on Dec. 15. They were shocked to see a cloud of dust as the slug hit and lodged in the sheetrock wall.

By the time officers from the Pelham Police Department arrived, 25-year-old Michael Crooker was apologizing for shooting at their home. He said he had been in the woods behind their home and shot at a deer but missed.

Police charged Crooker with reckless conduct, shooting a firearm within 300 feet of an occupied dwelling, unlawful use of a firearm, negligent discharge of a firearm and hunting a deer with a firearm in a closed season.

Crooker has a court appearance scheduled for Jan. 26.