So Who’s Still Against This Successful Urban Deer Hunt?

Urban deer hunting programs are designed to offer bowhunters the opportunity to help communities with deer overpopuation problems in controlled settings and more cities are getting on board with these outstanding projects.

wildlife_mule_deerOne is getting ready for its second year and officials and hunters couldn’t be happier. Even residents — most of them, other than the usual emotional “rights” wacks — have seen positive results after just one year.

Officials in Highland, Utah, approved the urban season in summer of 2013, worked with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and then saw hunters kill 74 deer last season. The Desert News reported that officials were concerned about vehicle collisions and homeowner complaints about yards being ravaged by hungry mule deer.

Program coordinator Brian Cook called the hunt “a resounding success.” More than 5,500 pounds of meat was donated to local food banks, too.

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