Southeast Hunters Are Girlie Men, Can’t Handle Cold Weather

For millions of Americans, this winter has been anything but warm and has blanketed much of the country in snow, ice, sub-freezing temperatures and misery.

fireplaceBut for hunters, traditionally considered a hearty crowd for their perceived ability to tough out bad winter weather, how cold is too cold to keep hunting? According to a recent poll, the majority of hunters are still willing to hit the woods even as temps plunge into the single digits. But when it drops below zero, most agree, it’s time to call it quits.

The survey divided hunters into six regional groups: Great Lakes States, Northeast States, Northern Plains States, South Central States, Southeast States and Western States in order to best gauge how hunters in different parts of the country to react to cold weather. Hunters polled were asked “At what temperature did it become too cold to hunt?”

There are, indeed, some fair weather hunters out there. Organized by region, the percentage of polled hunters who say it is too cold to hunt as temps fall to between 21 and 30 degrees were:

  • Great Lakes States                          3 percent
  • Northeast States                              5 percent
  • Northern Plains States                   3 percent
  • South Central States                       10 percent
  • Southeast States                              9 percent
  • Western States                                 8 percent

By the time temperatures have fallen between 1 and 10 degrees, the percentage of hunters who choose to stay inside are:

  • Great Lakes States                          31 percent
  • Northeast States                              40 percent
  • Northern Plains States                   18 percent
  • South Central States                       51 percent
  • Southeast States                              52 percent
  • Western States                                 36 percent

But the tipping point seems to be 0 degrees when across every region except the Northern Plains states an additional 25 to 32 percent of hunters report it is too cold to hunt. In the Northern Plains, another 21 percent, are choosing a warm fire over a cold deer stand or predator setup.

“Some of the findings are about what you would expect with hunters used to cold weather in the Northern states more willing to hunt in slightly colder temperatures than those hunters in the South where it rarely gets that cold,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts surveys at

“That being said, it isn’t until temperatures drop below zero that the majority of hunters nearly everywhere are ready to join their Southern brethren indoors for a hot breakfast.”

OK, hunters … what do you think? When is it too cold to quit hunting, or is it, and which region has the heartiest hunters? Tell us what you think!

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    Thats why you almost never see snow in those southern boyz hunting videos,under 40 there watching college football,lol

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