Southern Hunters: Get Your Buck with This Northern Whitetail Deer Rut Lure

Hunters in the southern United States are gearing up for the whitetail deer rut, and Deer & Deer Hunting has the hot product they should definitely check out.

It’s called Smokey’s Pre Orbital Gland Lure, and it’s been the go-to rut lure for hunters in the northern latitudes this season. Ever since we featured it in an issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, it’s been flying off the shelves.

Southern hunters, click here to order a bottle before this hot whitetail deer rut lure sells out again.

Here are pictures of the lure in action:

Whitetail deer rut lure

Whitetail deer rut lure

Whitetail deer rut lure

5 thoughts on “Southern Hunters: Get Your Buck with This Northern Whitetail Deer Rut Lure

  1. Jessica

    Hunting is always very exciting and thrilling. If you wish your hunting art to be a real masterpiece, then you must follow some step when you set out for deer hunting. I read these steps before setting out for hunting, and I was glad, as these instructions are very effective. They made my day and I returned with victory. You need to be very patient and carefully observe and follow your victim, before aiming to shoot. Do not use a lot of scent, as the deer will smell the scent and run away. It is an indication of danger for them. Wind blowing in opposite direction is always helpful.

  2. Nick

    Smokey’s has been the "go to rut lure" in the north?!?! No way is this the case. If you are looking for a quality deer scent I recommend Apparition Scents. It is outstanding, priced appropriately, and EVERY bottle is filled by hand and inspected for quality. If it’s a pre-orbital scent you are looking for, their "Nightmare" can’t be beat. Check them out at Feel free to e-mail me for a reference.

  3. Lou Jesso

    This year I tried some of the Apparitions "Nightmare" pre-orbital scent and fooled a fine PA eight point who was completely fascinated by the licking branch. I’ve tried other products in mock scrapes in the past, and never a reaction like this. When he found the scrape he slammed to a halt, smelled and pawed it, then sniffed the licking branch up and down, sort of like a hound dog. It definitely caught his attention, there’s no dobut in my mind that he was distracted and focused on the scrape and took that careless fatal step to the left and into my lane. I’m positive the licking branch was the difference maker, most deer in my area get enough of the mass produced stuff thrown at them and the big boys quickly pick out the obvious fakes. I also like the oily texture of the Nightmare, doesn’t wash off with a light dew, I set my mocks up the day before. I’ve had really good reactions by deer with the various Apparitions juices, give me the good fresh stuff any day of the season! Costs about the same as the factory made scents in the mega-marts, but seems to me to work an awful lot better.

  4. Apparition Scents

    Check out our page Smokeys is not the only company that offers pre-orbital lure. We offer pre-orbital lure, called Nightmare, in a 2oz. bottle for $14.99. This is in a larger bottle and cheaper than Smokey’s lure and I guarantee you will be satisifed with the results. Thanks

  5. glenn howell

    I would like to try some of smokey’s lure ,but the price is out of my league.I’m not where I can put a lot of money into things such as that.With work at a all time low it really makes it hard to be able to enjoy the things we really like to do and that is to hunt.Thanks for offering,but I just can’t afford it,cause I sure would like to get the big one that’s been leaving his calling card.

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