Staff Food Plot Developing Nicely

by Jacob Edson, F&W Media Outdoors editor

spring, a co-worker and I picked up a new lease for Wisconsin’s archery season. The
land looks great. It’s about 70 percent wooded and 30 percent crop fields.

However, we decided to add a couple of food plots and had the farmer till up a grassy
meadow near an already established chicory plot. The total area accounted for about
2 acres, which is a pretty big plot in this part of the state. The area is a little
low and somewhat wet, but with good loamy soil.

We had to wait a couple weeks for the soil to dry enough for us to drag the area and
then we waited for the weather forecaster to predict rain. That finally came on Friday,
so we hustled out and planted an acre of clover mix and another acre in clover, chicory
and brassicas. Both mixes were somewhat heavy in ladino clover, which we are hoping
will do well in the lowest spots.

For the next three days, the skies opened up and we received a steady dose of precipitation.
Now, I can hardly stand the wait! I just want to see how those plots are doing!

Of course, we’re not done yet. In a couple months we’re going to go back and put in
some late-season plots. I can think of one spot in particular that should be perfect
for about a 1/2-acre of brassicas. The soil’s a little sandy, but brassicas have deep
root systems, so they should be a good fit. It’s amazing how a little food plot work
can get me so excited.

How are your food plots doing this year? Share
your successes on the forums. Or, come and ask a food plot
related question.

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