State Mulls Controversial Proposal to Allow Sales of Deer Meat

For decades, states have banned hunters from selling deer meat but now one group of legislators is considering a controversial proposal to overturn that longtime prohibition.

New Jersey Assembly members are considering a bill that would allow hunters to sell deer meat.

New Jersey Assembly members are considering a bill that would allow hunters to sell deer meat.

That idea has spawned numerous discussions, too, about commercial sale of wildlife and management strategies.

According to the New Jersey Herald, a bill in the New Jersey General Assembly is still waiting for a hearing in the assembly’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. One reason, no doubt, is because of its controversial nature.

Some want more deer killed because of their impact in the Garden State on the plants due to overbrowsing, vehicle accidents and the continued rise of Lyme disease. The latter, of course, is spurred in part by deer that carry ticks infected with the disease.

Opponents say the potential for overhunting is rife, along with the commercialization of a state resource. Animal “rights” activists, naturally, don’t want any lil’ critter harmed and want expensive (and ineffective) sterilization methods used on deer.

“Anybody driving around is able to see a deer population that has exploded,” said Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, who is sponsoring the bill. “I’m concerned about the high number of Lyme cases and I’m also very concerned about the car accidents, half of which occur between October and December.”

Venison that is sold now in the states comes from commercial farms. The report said that according to The Wall Street Journal, about 85 percent of all commercially-sold venison in the United States actually comes from New Zealand. Casagrande argued that with so many deer already available, shipping meat from an international source is silly.

What do you think? Should hunters be allowed to sell wild deer they kill? Let us know with your comments.

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