State ‘Record’ Buck is a Fake; Faker Hit With 4 Wildlife Violations

North Carolina fake buck antlers screwed into skull

Nick Davis, of Elkin, N.C., admitted to state conservation officers that this “record” non-typical buck was faked after the antlers from Pennsylvania were screwed into the deer’s skull.

A North Carolina man who claimed to have killed a state record non-typical white-tailed deer with a bow admitted to faking the news and screwing in a set of antlers from Pennsylvania on the deer killed in North Carolina.

Nick Davis, of Elkin, N.C., admitted to N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission officers that the story was a ruse, according to North Carolina Sportsman. A week after that story was broken by the Sportsman magazine, it has reported more developments about the sordid situation that gives legitimate hunters a black eye.

During its investigation of the case, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission officers charged Davis with four state violations. They say he used a rifle during archery season to kill the young deer used in the ruse with the Pennsylvania antlers. Davis also killed a deer in the 2014 season but did not report it as per state regulations. He also was charged with unlawful possession of an illegally killed deer.

Wildlife officials were flooded with telephone calls and emails from hunters who doubted the story. Once officers began investigating, they uncovered the unreported 2014 buck and obtained confessions about the illegal activities.

Click the photo to learn more ...

Click the photo to learn more …

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