States Might Adopt Shed Hunting Seasons

Talk about a few bad apples spoiling the bushel.

Thanks to the actions of some hooligans, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are considering
enacting laws and seasons on the gathering of shed antlers from deer and elk.

According to published reports, wildlife officials from those states have seen an
increase in activity from individuals who harass deer and elk in efforts to get them
to shed their antlers prematurely. For example, in April, Nevada game officials apprehended
a man who used an ATV to chase mule deer through sagebrush in attempts to get them
to drop their antlers.

Montana has been dealing with this problem for several years, and has already implemented
closed seasons on shed hunting in certain parts of its elk range. Fines for harassing
deer and elk in that state can range up to $500 per violation.

Other reports include violations in Idaho where shed hunters were using off-road motorcycle
to chase animals.

A date-specific shed-hunting season? Now I think I’ve heard it all.

–Dan Schmidt, Editor

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    It seems there are already laws on the books. Harrassing animals with a motor vehicle(boat, car, truck, plane or ATV) is a crime. Enforce the laws you have.Posted by: Shawn

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