Stay Tuned: The Birthday of Deer Hunting Legend Fred Bear

The late, great Fred Bear’s birthday is coming up on March 5, and Uncle Ted Nugent has a little celebration in store for all of us bowhunting bloodbrothers.

Monday March 5 is the birthday of the legendary bowhunter, adventurer and hunting ambassador, Fred Bear. He was a true gentleman, and an inspirational friend and mentor to rock-and-roll bowhunter Ted Nugent. The two shared many a campfire and memorable bowhunt over the years until Fred’s passing in 1988, and Uncle Ted has kept the bowhunting tradition alive through story and song all over the world.

These two old hunting buddies shared many a deer camp and hunting story over the years.

To celebrate the birthday of the grandfather of American bowhunting on Monday March 5, the Nuge is going to host a little birthday gathering for his old friend, and we’re all invited.

Ted is going to play a live acoustic version of his song “Fred Bear” while using a new guitar built by Matt McPherson (of Mathews Inc.), live on Ted’s Facebook page at 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time. Don’t miss it!



Here’s the studio version of the song “Fred Bear.”