Suburban Baltimore Approves Deer Hunt

A recent phone survey of people living in suburban
Baltimore’s Howard County, Maryland, found that 81 percent supported managed deer
hunts.  According to the Baltimore Sun, “About 58 percent said there are
too many deer in the county.  Asked their opinion on what methods work, 42 percent
said managed hunts are ‘very effective,’ and 40 percent said hunts are ‘somewhat effective.’”

Given those results, managed deer hunts will continue
at a half dozen county parks, this fall and into the foreseeable future.  “County
officials say the hunts are needed to reduce an excessive deer population that they
say has led indirectly to more transmission of Lyme disease, damage to vegetation
and ecosystems in parks, and added to the danger of collisions for motorists.”

Animal rights activists opposed the hunts, and
still claim that contraception could cure deer problems.

However, as the Sun noted, “The $22,333
survey was organized by Donald F. Norris, chairman of public policy at the Maryland
Institute for Policy Analysis and Research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore
County. In a report accompanying the results, Norris wrote that ‘current scientific
evidence shows that contraception does not work,’ and that capture and transfer is
also ‘not a viable option.’  About half the respondents said they had either
been involved in a collision with a deer or have a relative or friend who had been
in the past five years. More than half said they had bushes or crops damaged by deer.”

— By Brian McCombie for

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    Well that’s great news for suburban Baltimore folk! Good for them – should give few people a chance to hunt that wouldn’t normally hunt.Posted by: Tom Sorenson

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