Sunday Hunting Bill Killed

On the verge of passing a bill to allow Sunday hunting, the Virginia legislature allowed the measure to die in committee.

From the Virginian-Pilot:

A House subcommittee Wednesday morning held a meeting to discuss a crossover bill on Sunday hunting from the Virginia Senate.

The crossover bill had just arrived in the House and Wednesday’s meeting was put on the agenda late Monday, effectively giving pro-Sunday hunting lobbyists just one day to get their ducks  – ‘er, deer – in a row.

With this being a seriously busy General Assembly when it comes to outdoors issues, the chair for the Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resouces – R.L. Ware – knew there wasn’t enough time to line everybody up.

Ware is against Sunday hunting and everybody knows it. By calling this meeting to quick-kick SB464 into the grave, he basically proved it. His subcommittee, after voting down an amendment by a vote of 4-3, voted to kill SB464 by the same tally. The quickness of the meeting prevented discussion in the full House committee, where many on the Hill say the bill was gaining some momentum.

Proponents of Sunday hunting know this move was legal, but can’t help but wonder what happened to true Democracy. This, they say, was pure politics – something Americans are growing ever more tired of.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Hunting Bill Killed

  1. cpolarbear

    You can keep church, I get more out of one hour in the woods than sitting on an uncomfortable pew being lectured to by someone with their own interpretation of an 2000 year old accumulation of stories that may not even be factual… Not being able to hunt on Sunday is selfish. Religious freedom anyone? I bet a lot more praying happens in the wood with someone trying to coax game into a clear sight line for a shot than in a religious establishment…

  2. fhedrickjr

    I haven’t researched it but I am willing to bet that it is a holdover from the old “blue laws”. I remember as a teenager when the local 7-11 store was the first thing to ever be open on a Sunday…..Personally, I either work or go to Church on Sunday but I bet there are plenty of people who would enjoy one more day in the woods. I ALWAYS feel closer to God when I am in the woods. ; )

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