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Take-Home Message from the King Buck Saga

Johnny King BuckThe biggest point of contention with the Johnny King Buck story — the reason why it is a D&DH exclusive — is that since the trophy buck was killed, many (I’ve been told that it has been dozens) of certified B&C scorers have actually laid there hands on the rack and, in accordance with the way they interpret B&C rules, they consider the G-2s and G-3s typical all the way. If it is indeed typical, it is, most likely, bigger than the Milo Hanson Buck and, hence, is the new World Record typical.

Big point to remember here: These are certified B&C scorers. Not Joe Schmoes with measuring tapes. Not some guy with Internet access who is looking at a photo on a computer screen. They are bona fide B&C volunteer representatives.

Since this story broke last week, it is apparent that some scorers will not speak up because they don’t want to jeopardize their futures as B&C measurers. That’s just plain wrong. If this buck does not go to panel, it is an indictment on all those involved. The "we don’t panel-score 180-inch deer" argument is weak. What’s even weaker is that some folks who don’t believe the deer should be panel-scored have claimed that "80 to 90 percent of all B&C scorers do not know how to determine what constitutes a shared base." I’ve also been told that these discrepancies normally do not come to light unless the deer is of top caliber.

Seriously? So are they saying, in other words, that 80 to 90 percent of B&C scorers don’t know what they’re doing … even though some of them have been doing it for 10, 20, 30 years or more?

This buck was killed under 100 percent fair-chase hunting tactics, tagged legally by an honest, law-abiding hunter. He killed this buck on free-ranging land in western Wisconsin, the heart of the Midwest’s CWD-infected area. How a deer can live to old age in that kind of environment is a story in and of itself.

Final point: The only thing these scorers are asking for is for Boone & Crockett to follow proper protocol and have the rack panel-scored and let the chips fall where they may. They are that confident that the Johnny King Buck will finally gets its due.

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12 thoughts on “Take-Home Message from the King Buck Saga

  1. Kodiakmac

    Well, B and C scoring is a bit like judging figure-skating: points can be awarded or deducted based on subjective opinions.

  2. rnicholson

    This Buck needs to be scored now. What is Boone/Crockett leadership thinking about? This will destroy their credibility if they don’t give this deer a fair shake. It has already affected my opinion !!

  3. Doug Trapp

    I sent this email to the Boone & Crockett club after reading this story. I hope we all continue to send this email to everyone we know.

    I am from Wisconsin and have a few records in you book. I read the story about the King buck and feel that Jack Reneau has a stick up his butt witch is most likely a power trip. If this buck does not get a panel score on it than I will be pulling my records out of the book and will not enter any more in the future. I will also encourage everyone I know to do the same. Maybe every other hunter will feel the same and boycott the Boone & Crockett club and finds another to enter there records because you are not the only club out there.
    Also a sad part to the story is if this deer would have been properly scored from the beginning the original hunter would most likely had never sold it and would still have it today.

    Doug Trapp

  4. Jason Bleachers

    Is there anything we can do to help this "situation" along? Is B&C going to comment? We’re waiting.

  5. Stan

    Time to take egos and politics out of it and panel score this rack. B&C owes that to every member of the hunting public. My opinion of B&C drops by the day as I read more about this.

  6. Ryan Frierson

    This is a shameful course of action on the part of B&C and the volunteer scorers that have examined the deer. The fear to act and do what’s right is almost like a movie plot out of a mafia movie- since when should an honorable man be afraid to do the right thing (I’m talking to you B&C scorers)? Since when does a title and time/effort expended into being qualified to score a set of antlers replace the value of personal integrity.
    Jack Reneau, here’s a question for you: If you harvested this deer, would you want it scored fairly or would you tolerate some junk assessment by someone who has forget that it’s about the animal, not the hunter.
    It’s never too late to do the right thing. Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club, take note of that and remember that policies and rules should never inhibit the right thing from being done. Honor this magnificent buck and give it the respect it deserves. Sadly, I’ve seen spike bucks that have been given more respect than this. Why? Because it’s about the animal.

  7. Bruce

    If B&C can’t do the right thing then maybe we need to use Buckmasters BTR scoring as the way to go and boycott B&C. This is a power struggle between the men at B&C and if they can’t get their crap together, then maybe they need to find a new job. Its a shame that a hunter can’t get a fair shake from B&C. The deer needs to be scored and scored correctly. Way to go Buckmasters for your scoring of the deer.

  8. Dan Loken

    It may be time that people in the industry begin to put a little pressure on Boone and Crockett. This may "force" them into doing the right thing. Lets get a few more important magazines or organizations involved and then we will see how long B and C will hold out!

  9. Bill Wheeler

    First off, this buck needs to be panel-scored. Even if it is not the record, as Jack Reneau claims, a panel-scoring session would legitimize the decision and give the buck it’s due.
    Second, there is no way this buck will ever be certified as the record as long as Reneau is in charge of the program. This article ensured that. There is now no way for him to go back on his statements at this point. He’s painted himself into a corner. Sadly, record or not, this buck will never get a fair shake.

  10. Jay Trudell

    I can’t believe this is the 1st I’m hearing of this, 4 1/2 years this thing has been under wraps? It’s time to push the issue and make this very public, thank you D & D Hunting. Maybe it’s time for many of us B & C members to consider dropping our membership if the right thing is not done. This buck deserves to be panel scored immediately!

  11. Joe Bell

    It would be a shame for this deer and hunter not to receive a fair evaluation by a panel of B&C scorers. It makes me question the motives of those that will not allow this to take place. Hopefully this issue gets resolved quickly for everyone involved.

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