Take the High Road, But Keep Fighting

A recent call for increased deer hunting opportunities in suburban areas in Virginia
have, predictably, brought out the left-wing animal-rights zealots, including the
elderly, former TV game-show host Bob Barker.

The focus of the “controversy” came when a Virginia homeowner allowed a bowhunter
to hunt his property in hopes of curbing a few of the deer that are wreaking havoc
on his property. PETA immediately jumped in and claimed the hunt was irresponsible
and aimed at killing deer merely to save some flowers and shrubs.

“There are easy and simple things you can do to live in harmony with wildlife, of
course, but it takes a heart,” a blogger wrote on a PETA-endorsed Web site.

I typically ignore anything that spouts from the mouth of a PETA member, but, as Ted
Nugent has often reminded me, “You can’t argue with ignorance.”

Once again, Ted is spot-on. In this case, for example, the blogger did not give us
any insights on any simple or easy ways to curbing burgeoning suburban deer herds.
I’d like to hear one of either. Also, the person failed to realize that the urban
deer problem goes way beyond aesthetics.

I’d be preaching to the choir on this site to remind readers that overpopulated deer
herds are more of a human safety concern than the annoyance of losing some hostas,
azaleas and ornamental cedars.

Such unchecked herds pose serious traffic concerns, not to mention the potential side
effects of chronic wasting disease, tuberculosis, Lyme Disease, et. al. What does
bear reminding, however, is the fact that we must embrace all efforts like the one
in Great Falls, Va., to open more deer hunting opportunities in suburban areas. We
hunters must take the high road and carry the torch for wildlife management. It not
only provides us opportunities, it proves that we are truly the only option to responsible
wildlife management. As a nation, we cannot manage deer through birth-control pills
and delusional “niceness.”

We need to manage deer through tireless efforts to increase hunting opportunities.
It’s free, it’s efficient, and it’s been scientifically proven to be the most environmentally

If such opportunities come to your neighborhood, don’t ignore them. Embrace them.
The deer herd — and your fellow deer hunters — deserve nothing less.

Dan Schmidt

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