Texas Hunter Hears Call of Wildlife Management

This is one of those cool stories that when you’re having a tough moment should make you think about how some folks see their glass half full.

Our good friends at Lone Star Outdoor News in Texas profiled Mike Shipley, originally of Austin and now a 20-year old student at Texas A&M-Kingsville. Shipley is getting into wildlife management and has loved the outdoors for years Both of his parents are deaf, which some might see as an obstacle but it didn’t stop Shipley’s father from making sure his son enjoyed hunting.

“I’m told my first words were in sign language,” he told LSON. “Both my parents were essentially deaf from birth, although my mom can hear a little with hearing aids, and she speaks well.”

Shipley learned to speak mostly from his grandparents, and he was introduced to hunting by his grandfather and father.

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