Texas Slaps Poachers With Heavy Fines, Time

The famous motto “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” dang sure seems to be part of the poachin’ and wildlife violatin’ scene in the Lone Star State.

A two-state undercover poaching investigation has yielded heavy fines and could even result in more charges, according to The Lufkin News.

One poacher was put on five years probation and ordered to pay $5,000 and $25,000 in restitution to the state of Kansas for his crime. He was one of more than a dozen men charged various offenses, including some being charged with with running an illegal guide service in Kansas.

According to the News report, “Federal wardens labeled the investigation the biggest of its kind in Kansas history and one of the largest ever in the United States.”

To read the full report in the News, click this link.

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