Texas Town Debates Ban on Feeding Deer

Residents of Port Mansfield, Texas, are in a bit of a pickle about their whitetail deer situation that is getting out of hand.

Officials in this southern town on the Gulf of Mexico, just an hour or so north of the border, say whitetail deer may equal the population of the town.

“Right now I would say there is probably a deer for every citizen in that town,” Fire Chief John “Whitey” Thompson told the Valley Morning Star in this story. “That’s around 400 deer or so.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Having visited the area a few times for fishing trips in summer, I can attest that’s it’s pretty darn cool to see deer wandering the streets. I have photos of everything from does to young bucks to some 150-class and bigger bucks lounging around in the shade and coming to feeders.

But I don’t live there. So saying “hey, that’s cool” isn’t accurate. Some folks are fed up. Others don’t want to see anything happen.

Town officials already have been discussing the problem and are considering a ban on feeding the deer. That’s not going over well with some folks. This from the newspaper:

Raul Flores agrees. He said Winter Texans and families with children come from as far away as Mission and McAllen to feed the deer, making the community “one big petting zoo,” which can improve the village’s economy.

“People bring their grandchildren out here,” Flores, the county engineer, said. “It’s a thrill.”

Check out the full story from the Valley Morning Star: Click here

— Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor