The Best Carved Deer Pumpkins, and Two Explosive Videos

It’s Halloween and some of the most creative pumpkin carvings you might see when you’re trick-or-treating feature white-tailed deer.

We scoured the internet for some of the best deer pumpkin carvings on social media sites to share them. They’re creative and could spark an interest for you to do your own carving.

If so, don’t forget to get your free Deer & Deer Hunting deer carving stencil here. You can whip up a pumpkin that will be the envy of everyone on your street. And when Halloween’s over, if your state allows, put out the pumpkin for the deer to enjoy where you hunt.

Bonus: we found two cool videos that involve shooting pumpkins. Who doesn’t enjoy that? Here’s one to kick off things:


On to the pumpkins!

1. This fine droptine buck is definitely one we’d love to see in the woods, right? (Photo:

2. Sometimes the best things are simple, such as this antler pumpkin. (Photo:

3. This is one of our DDH favorites from a few years ago, and it’s still cool! (Photo: Lindsey Meyer)

4. Love this combo of the tracks and deer! (Photo: Pinterest)


5. The Browning Buckmark logo, and this one in pink camo, always is cool to see to represent deer and deer hunters. (Photo: Pinterest)

6. Can’t beat the good ol’ John Deere logo, right? (Photo: Pinterest)

7. Better hope the scope is zeroed since this one’s in its sights! (Photo: Pinterest)

8. When you’re carving pumpkins they don’t always look great in the light. (Photo:

9. But when you add a candle or light inside, the same thing comes alive at night! (Photo:

10. The Michael Waddell Bone Collector logo isn’t hard to figure out! (Photo: Chris Brown)


And finally, here’s a little pumpkin head carving that you may enjoy: