April Issue of Deer & Deer Hunting Pays Tribute to a Whitetail Hero

The latest issue of Deer & Deer Hunting pays tribute to our longtime friend, photographer and field editor Charles J. Alsheimer — the man who changed deer hunting.

For the casual hunter, deer season is not much more than a passing thought by the time the April issue of Deer & Deer Hunting hits the newsstands — tucked away until early fall rolls around. But regular readers of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine are anything but casual when it comes to their passion for hunting America’s most interesting and challenging big game animal! And that’s why the “off-season” issues of D&DH are as eagerly anticipated as those published during prime hunting time.

For America’s hardcore deer hunters, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work — post-season scouting, planting food plots, repairing equipment. These guys and gals put the “I” in DIY. And that’s the theme for this year’s April issue of D&DH — the handyman hunter. And where you’ll find projects and pointers to help pass some of those off-season hours. Let’s be honest. You’ve always wanted that little slice of heaven — a tidy little hunting shack on the Back 40 where you can escape the day-to-day grind of the modern world and think of nothing but deer and deer hunting all day, every day. In this DIY issue of D&DH you’ll get the step-by-step information to make that dream a reality. You’ll also learn how to make easy work of sighting-in that new crossbow you found under the tree Christmas morning. How about a guide to home butchering tools and five DIY Bow Shop essentials. Right here in the April issue.

Also, in this issue, Deer & Deer Hunting pays tribute to the man who taught us much of what we know about white-tailed deer. Having spent 38 years studying deer behavior on a daily basis, Charlie Alsheimer was more than a writer and photographer. He was a true pioneer. His untimely death deeply affected the whitetail hunting community and he will be missed by all. Read all about this whitetail legend in the April issue of D&DH.

And what better time than during the “off-season” to learn more about the idiosyncrasies that make those marvelous whitetails tick — and how to capitalize on them this fall. You’ll get it all in the April issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, where we’ll bring you in-depth articles on a host of deer behavioral topics. Don’t wait until fall to begin the 2018 hunting season. The time is now.

April 2018 Issue Highlights:

  • Chronic wasting disease has been in the headlines a lot in recent months, often creating more questions than answers. Auburn University’s Sarah Zohdy and Dr. Steve Ditchkoff examine what we know and don’t know about this complex and puzzling disease.
  • Is there such a thing as the perfect whitetail rifle? D&DH regular contributor Steve Sorensen says yes, if you base your choice on the style of hunting you do. He offers up some simple guidelines to start you out on the right track.
  • It’s a well-used land management mantra: control the controllables. With so many moving parts when it comes to managing a deer herd, it’s important to focus on those things you can influence and avoid wasting precious energy on those you can’t. Land management expert Steve Bartylla explains how.
  • If you’re planning to scout your local area for summertime whitetails or permission to hunt new properties — two wheels are often better than four. Put your bicycle to work this summer.
  • Spring is the forgotten season for whitetail hunters. But it is a critical — and surprisingly challenging — time for deer. Learn how deer survive this perilous time of year.
  • While it is clear that a hunting background provides a solid foundation for military service, the reverse is often also true — as American troops returned home with a new set of skills during times of relative prosperity and more leisure time. Learn more about America’s Hunter-Warrior in this issue of D&DH.

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