The Season: Are You Superstitious?

Back when the Whitetail Destinations crew was down in south Florida for the whitetail bow season opener, I figured the summer heat would be a bear.

By Alan Clemons, Southeast Managing Editor

It was. Man, was it hot and sultry. By mid-morning temps were climbing into the 90s and it sure didn’t seem like hunting weather. But when you have the chance to hunt, you take it.

Brad Rucks with my lucky shirt!

I’d planned ahead by packing some Under Armor HeatGear shirts. I favor those in summer, especially the ColdBlack tees, but those aren’t available in camo. So I went with a longsleeve camo top with an anti-microbial feature to help ward off body odor, along with liberal sprays of Dead Down Wind. Threw in a couple of other Under Armor lightweight camo tops, too.

When we left the Palmer Ranch, where our gracious hosts Charlie and Laura Palmer had welcomed us for a few days, I forgot my shirt. It’s the one I was wearing when I killed the 8-point to start the season.

Brad Rucks, publisher of Deer & Deer Hunting, called a few days later to see if I wanted it back. I told him to just keep it and I’d get it later. He said he planned to hunt in it since it had some good karma going.

So when Rucks killed his South Carolina buck just days after their season opened on private land in portions of the state, he emailed the photo above and this note: “I told you never get rid of something lucky. I’m going to be a killing machine with that thing this year. It’s got some good karma going.”

Looks like I may have lost my lucky shirt.

Anyone else have superstitions or a lucky cap or shirt? Let us know!