The Season: Keep Your Deer Cool in Transit

When you’re transporting deer from your hunting area to camp or home, or maybe the processor, one major concern is keeping the meat fresh and avoiding spoilage.

By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor

If you’re going from the back 40 or just a few miles, it may not be a big worry. If you have a monster cooler and plenty of ice, processing the deer at camp and packing it away might be an option. That’s what many hunters do.

But for longer distances or if you don’t have processing capabilities at camp or home, you’re often stuck with transporting a whole deer. Do you toss it in the back of a pickup or SUV and ride for hours? Few hunters strap it to the front of the car or roof, like in the olden days, and toodle down the highway. Those days are over, for the most part.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen this year is the Trophy Bag Kooler. It’s a complete system for keeping your deer (or hog, turkey or antelope) chilled, stored and fresh for transport to camp, home, processor or taxidermist.

The system includes a zip-up bag large enough to hold a whitetail or smaller animal. It has leg holes for your animal’s legs to stick out, but they have elastic around the holes to minimize any loss of cooler internal temperatures. The large Trophy Bag Kooler bag holds up to 300 pounds, and a smaller Quarter Bag is designed for hindquarters or shoulders from bigger game, such as elk.

It’s pretty simple to use. Packs of Kooler Gel are mixed with water in, preferably, a 2-liter bottle (like a soda bottle) and frozen. These can be refrozen and reused. After gutting your deer, simply put the frozen bottles into the body cavity and then put the deer or animal into the Trophy Bag Kooler, fit the legs through the holes, zip it up and you’re ready to load for the ride.

Worried about bacteria growth? Well, that is a concern, too. But the system comes with an antimicrobial Game Fresh Spray that can be applied to help avoid growth of bacteria or other goblins.

They’re available in camo, blaze orange and buckskin. It’s a complete system that makes care and transport of game much easier, especially if you’re going to be traveling long distances or are hunting in hot weather.

Check out the Trophy Bag Kooler here!