The South’s Best Deerslayers?

When it comes to Southern hospitality, nothing beats the state of Georgia when
it comes to whitetail hunting. The state not only boasts a robust deer herd, its hunting
quality is second to none. Some interesting stats just revealed by the state’s game
department are beyond impressive. For example, the average Georgia deer hunter in
kills 1.5 deer per season, and it takes the average hunter just 14 days to get a deer.
This is incredible when compared to 1980 when the state’s average deer hunter killed
0.4 deer per year, and it took the average hunter 31 days to harvest a deer. While
some hunters pine for the “good ol’ days,” I’d have to offer that those days are here
and now.

Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor

One thought on “The South’s Best Deerslayers?


    What changes has the state of Georgia made in terms of its wildlife management programs from 1980 to now? I would bolster that such practices could be modeled for other "suffering" programs, that lack the personnel with the proper knowledge to carry out effective management in some other unfortunate states that seem to be spiraling out of control. I’m very curious and maybe this would make a good article in a future issue with comparisons.Posted by: DC

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