What Do You Think: Is This the Fastest Deer Skinner Ever?

Deer hunters often say the real work begins after the hunt ends, and in many cases that’s accurate if you’re dragging a buck or doe a long way before going home to dress and clean it.

Yep, some guys remove the guts in the field. Some do everything in the field and pack out the meat. Others haul the deer home or to the processor for everything. Whatever floats your boat and gets the job done is fine.

This cat starts working on a deer and when the first cut is made, the timer begins. Less than two minutes … can he do it? Watch the video to see:

Click the photo to learn more ...

Click the photo to learn more …

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Think: Is This the Fastest Deer Skinner Ever?

  1. dixielee99

    He might be fast but he’s ruint the hide and threw away almost all of the meat. Real hunters might do there’s different ways and slowly but at least we do it right and don’t throw away meat or ruin the hides.

  2. 57Stratman

    He may be fast, but he’s a hack. He pretty much ruined the hide, and I saw him throwing out a lot of meat that could’ve/should’ve been salvaged. I’m a 57 year old meatcutter/butcher, and I can tell you, he ain’t working for me. And what’s with the sticking his knife into the legs, just so he wouldn’t have to set it down???

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