This Gnarly Swamp Buck Is A Stud!

Josh Saucier couldn’t believe it when his bow exploded in his hands with a buck standing within range.

Josh Saucier with his Panther NWR swamp buck!

Josh Saucier with his Panther NWR swamp buck!

The Mississippi hunter experienced that unfortunate happening while on a multi-day hunt in the Panther National Wildlife Refuge in January. Not only was his bow a mess, but the buck he was eyeballing had turned tail after the terrifying experience and Saucier had a long, disappointing walk back to his vehicle.

Silver linings, though. Silver linings.

A hunting partner had a spare bow. Saucier got acquainted with it and arrowed a 10-point swamp daddy a couple of days later. It rough scored 170-plus and made the long trip out of the woods with his big buck a lot easier!

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