Three Bucks and 500 Inches!

Bo Holt with one of three fine Louisiana bucks killed by him, his nephew and his brother.

Killing one big buck wasn’t enough for the Holt family of Louisiana, so they dropped three Pelican State whitetails that surpassed 500 scorable inches!

It all started with 6-year old Miller Holt and his monstrous 14-point buck he killed the final day of the early youth season Nov. 16. While hunting with his father, Tim, the two sat in a box blind watching several deer before the big one came out.

Young Miller put the crosshairs of his 7mm-08 on the buck and dropped it! That got the ball rolling, with Bo Holt – Tim’s brother – dropping a 175-class 11-point a few weeks later.

Then it was Tim’s turn to join the fun …

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