Ticks, Soap and Folklore Making the Rounds

We got an email recently about how to easily and safely remove an embedded tick by using a cotton ball doused with liquid soap.

Presumably, by using that advice, the nasty critter wouldn’t enjoy a slimy bath and after 15-20 seconds would release its blood-sucking mouthparts from your delicate skin. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? What man or beast – even little ones – wants to get all lathered up without some warm water and a good brush to do a little back-scratchin’ and toenail cleaning?

Said email also bolstered its homespun advice by saying it was provided by “a pediatrician.” Along with Mom and apple pie, the family pediatrician is about as American as it gets. Right? Can we get an amen?

So, who’s right?

Well, according to Snopes.com the email has been making the rounds for about six years and is not valid advice.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, your best bet to remove an embedded tick involves tweezers, a firm pluck and then monitoring the site to make sure it doesn’t get red, infected or show other signs of problems.