Time to Spray Food Plots

by Jacob Edson, managing editor

July is quickly rolling by and it’s time to start preparing for late-season
food plots…If you haven’t already.

This week, my hunting partner and I sprayed our late-season kill plot to
prepare it for planting soon. The field had been tilled in late May, and the
weeds had reclaimed the plot.


According to John Barsody, of Frigid Forage,
late-season spraying can be a
great method to eliminate warm weather weeds from late-season annual

“It’s a good idea to till late season plots early on,” Barsody explained.

“Then let them green up before spraying them in midsummer. Every time you till you
help re-germinate some of those seeds. Plus, warm season seeds like milkweed and thistle
don’t germinate until later and won’t be killed by spraying in May and June, because
Roundup only kills green plants.”

We’ll give the plot two weeks and then till it the last week in July and
hope for rain. The plan is to have the field 100 percent ready to plant as
soon as we see rain in the forecast beginning with the last week of July.
Stay tuned for more tips and updates.

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