Treestand Safety Foundation Gets Boost from Summit, TMA

Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation is pleased to announce that the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) and Summit Treestands have become Charter Partners with TSSA Foundation.

Dr. Glen Mayhew (left) accepts a check from TMA Executive Director John Louk for the TSSA foundation.

TMA and Summit presented checks of $2,000 and $5,000 respectively at the 2017 TMA Annual Meeting held at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Mo.

Dr. Glen Mayhew, President TSSA of Foundation received the donations from TMA Executive Director John Louk and Eric Presley of Summit Tree Stands for the 501(c)(3) foundation.

“Without the support of organizations such as TMA and Summit,” Mayhew said, “TSSA Foundation would not be able to make progress in meeting its mission of significantly reducing tree stand incidents through promotion, education, and best practices.”

Dr. Glen Mayhew (left) with Eric Presley of Summit Stands with a check for the TSSA.

Mayhew provided the opening presentation, “Amplifying the Mission,” at the conference. The presentation focused on how the outdoors industry can work in a collaborative manner across multiple platforms to reduce the number of tree stand related falls. He provided a data analysis of approximately 700 tree stand falls collected from 10 states.

TSSA Foundation is seeking additional Charter Partners. It can be reached at TSSA Foundation can be followed on Facebook at Tree Stand Safety Awareness and on Twitter @treestandsafety or at