Truck Hits Deer Thrown From Overpass

A sick individual tossed a deer on a rope over an interstate overpass in front of an 18-wheeler, which struck the animal with its windshield.

The driver of the truck was able to maneuver the big rig to safety without creating a massive situation on I-295 in Virginia. The driver sustained injuries from glass shards and the severed rope slapping his face, along with being shaken at the sight of a hanging deer slamming into the safety glass windshield and entering the cab.

The driver told law enforcement officials he saw someone on top of the overpass and then the deer came swinging down. He was able to maneuver his truck to a gas station, where he stayed overnight.

Officials are investigating and attempting to locate the culprit. Anyone with information about the crime may contact state police at (804) 553-3445.

Read the entire story here from WTVR CBS 6.