Turkey & Turkey Hunting — Coming to a Newsstand Near You!

Get Ready for the Spring Season with Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine

Turkey season is just around the corner, and Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine is back with its Spring 2018 issue that’s sure to get you even more fired up for the season. Inside you’ll get hard-hitting, practical information you can add directly to your arsenal and take straight into the turkey woods. Whether you’re a seasoned turkey veteran or a rookie, this issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting, from the publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, unpacks secrets of the trade from some of the top turkey minds across the nation whose goal is to help you seal the deal on even the most wary longbeards.

Are you in the market for a new all-season shotgun that can do the dirty work on gobblers? Have you ever frozen in your footsteps when a gobbler sounded off, not knowing what your first move should be? Have you ever missed a turkey and wondered why? Does your bucket list include a trip to the Yucatan for Ocellated turkeys?

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions such these, then you’re in the right place, because the Spring Issue of T&TH has you covered.

2018 Spring Issue Highlights:

• Craig Morgan is country-music superstar who also hosts an award-winning outdoors TV show. Those roles, however, often play second fiddle to his efforts as a mentor, introducing people to the outdoors and, more specifically, turkey hunting. Find out how he’s “paying it forward” in the turkey woods.

• When a dedicated turkey gun isn’t in the budget, turn to one of the affordable and versatile shotguns in this lineup of five all-season shotguns.

• The start of any hunt is critically important. Start off on the right foot, and you have a chance. Make a mistake in the first few seconds, though, and you’re toast. Follow along as T&TH regular contributor Jim Spencer spells out the details on what to do — and what not to do — when first contact is made with a gobbler.

• Ocelleated turkeys have been admired and hunted for centuries. Read how Josh Dahlke’s eyes were opened to this colorful bird and the splendid culture that surrounds it after he spent a week in the southern reaches of Mexico.

• Even if you’ve done your homework and laid out a perfect game plan, turkeys often hit the ground running in the opposite direction. Use these advanced movement strategies from Mark Kayser to take the fight to uncooperative toms.

• Mississippi has a rich turkey hunting history and millions of public acres open to hunting. Find out how tradition and opportunity combine to make the Magnolia State a can’t-miss public-land destination.