Two Bucks, One Warden: A Little Work and a Good Deed

Every so often we’ll run across a good video of two bucks that have gotten their antlers tangled, but this latest video is a doozy.

Rarely do you see two bucks tangled up, pretty much looking at each other and then unable to figure out what to do. It’s a tug-of-war!

Posted online by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, it shows one of the TPWD conservation officers pulling up to a home to respond to a call about two bucks. The officer found them with antlers tangled by fabric of some kind and then wrapped around a clothesline.

They weren’t completely wrapped around it but enough that they couldn’t figure out how to get away. Fortunately for the deer, the officer was able to pull up his truck to block them and then try to get something done.

See what happens next:


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