Two Pitchers, A Shortstop and Some Jerky?

The Minnesota Twins turned to jerky for some extra incentive during Major League Baseball annual Winter Meetings.

It’s doubtful any players or transactions will hinge on sticks or boxes of jerky. There have been some unusual trades in the past, of course: a player for some bats (which had a tragic ending), Tom Fortugno in 1989 to Milwaukee from Reno (minor league) for a bag of baseballs and $2,500, and a player for $1.

The Twins apparently decided that tasty snacks were better for good, memorable relationships at the meetings, though. Each year a few weeks after the World Series, baseball officials gather (along with agents and media folks) as they discuss rules, trades and other baseball stuff.

Remember, pitchers and catchers report in just two and a half months. Amazing, no? Some of those team officials probably are wondering what deer stand their players are in right now, too.

Check out this report about the Twins enticing free agents with their jerky treats, which we agree is a good way to have someone remember you at a boring meeting.