U.S. Drought Monitor Map A Good Resource

Are you aware that a large portion of the United States is in the worst drought since the 1950s?

Only two other times in the last 80 years have conditions been this bad throughout the country. Ranchers are having to sell or reportedly put down livestock because feed bills are so high and vegetation is unavailable.

Additionally, state wildlife agencies are starting to put out alerts to hunters to be on the lookout for whitetail deer that may be affected by EHD or blue tongue. The fatal diseases are caused by biting midges and most commonly are around water holes, which of course the deer and other animals will seek and use.

If you’re interested, this map of the U.S. Drought Monitor is updated weekly and shows the different levels throughout the country. Forecasts, a national drought summary, 6- and 12-week animation maps and historical data are available.

Check it out at this site.