United Airlines to Allow Transport of Antlers

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

Hunters traveling on United Airlines can now bring antlers in their luggage.

Previously, antlers and horns were banned from all flights. That changed last month
when United reversed its stance. The new policy can be seen here.

Checked antlers will cost $175 per set to transport as checked luggage. Linear dimensions
are limited at 120 inches. Tips must be padded and secured so as not to puncture baggage.
The skull must also be wrapped.

Hunters on the deeranddeerhunting.com
criticized United’s previous prohibition of antlers.

“So you can check a firearm if it’s in a locked case but not antlers? Wow that doesn’t
make sense. I bet a lot of hunters fly a different airline when they hear about this,”
said Florida hunter Scott Styba.

to discuss United’s decision on the the forum.


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  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Another win for the hunting community. I understand the need for more heightened security airports. But it is pretty far fetched to think someone would hi-jack a airplane with a set of them.Posted by: Scot

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