Utah Trims 500 Mule Deer Permits

Utah hunters are undergoing changes throughout the state, including a shift to 30 zones, as part of a management strategy for big game including mule deer and elk.

The Utah Wildlife Board on Thursday reduced the number of mule deer buck permits by 500 for the upcoming season. They’re working with state biologists in an effort to improve the doe-buck ratios.

“If we had a few more years of data and a few more years of experience in this program, we would have a lot more to talk about,” board member John Bair said in The Salt Lake Tribune. “I would hope that everybody not getting their unit the way they are wanting it this year won’t throw themselves off a ledge just yet. We will be doing a lot of adjustments. Don’t panic: We are still trying to figure this out, and there is still time to make adjustments.”

The board has provided plenty of notice, chance for meetings and public input, and so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Losing 500 permits isn’t good, but 86,500 will be issued.

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