Today in Weird Deer News: Vandals Use Buck Bombs

by Ben Sobieck, D&DH online editor

The potency of lures in the hunting world cannot be underestimated. From estrus to tarsal glands, there are plenty of ways to catch noses’ attention.

Click here to get a buck bomb for yourself (for hunting, of course)A pair of alleged vandals picked up on that concept for a recent hit in Alabama. As the Gasden Times reports in this article, the teens used commercial “buck bombs” to destroy clothing:

The two then allegedly took the bombs to a clothing area and set them off in the pockets of clothing.

They were arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, a felony, and third-degree theft of property, a misdemeanor. Bond for each was set at $13,000.

Perhaps a little more time in the deer woods would’ve shown these two the proper way to use these bombs.

Do you think hunting deters youth from engaging in acts like vandalism? Leave a comment below.

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