Video: Montana Ranchers Seperate Locked Bucks

Warning: Don’t Try This At Home! The Wallewein Ranch, near Sunburst, Montana,
was the scene of two locked bucks that had roughed one another up when neighbors of
the Wallewein’s found them.

According to the,
“The deer had been at it for awhile,” Mike Wallewein said. “They had been going through
barbed wire fences and there was a lot of blood on their legs. When we got there they
were still in the corral and were lying down. They were just whipped but when we got
there they jumped up and away they went through another fence.”

The story continued:

“We hazed them into a hedgerow of caragana and they crashed back and forth through
the trees,” Wallewein said. “Then they tripped up and threw themselves down and that
is when we jumped on them. One got up and we had to throw him back down.”

One deer’s antler had pierced the other’s tongue and had gone through the lower jaw
while the other’s had pierced the first deer’s face under the eye.

“Those horns locked up tighter than if they had grown that way. We struggled for awhile
and the only way I could get them apart was spreading the two and getting the one
out of the mouth and over nose. The other side, I could see, was going to come unlocked
fairly easily.”

Jesse and Lance sat on one deer while Mike Wallewein sat on the other. He told his
kids to get ready to jump when he got the deer undone.

“I undone them. The one with the horn through its mouth took off. I was sitting on
the other one and I jumped up but it just lay there. It was so winded. It gave me
a chance to count the points. I rolled it over with my foot and then it jumped up
and took off.”


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    That is some good footage. Those are some nice bucks. I’m glad they were able to get them seperated and nobody got hurt.Posted by: Adam

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